Terms and Conditions

Quality of the Photo

Yes, We don't compromise in our Photo Quality while approving photos in our website. The photos may not approved by our team for specific reasons. Some of the reasons follows...

  • JPEG artifacts due to too high compression
  • Too blurriness
  • Too Noisess
  • Unpleasant atmosphere background
  • Too Overexposure
  • Poor lighting situation
  • Too many distraction
  • Embedded time stamps/location
  • Water mark name/logos/copyright
  • irregular angles
  • Different angles of the same object
  • Borders and vignetting
  • Photo over sharpened/filter effects/technique
  • Lasso tool for isolated an object

Every time you upload Photos in PGClick, just ask yourself the person or persons, logo, brand name appearing in your photo will not claim any royalty or rights in future. PGClick will not responsible for that claim and the user who uploaded the photo holds the entire responsibility.

What is not allowed?

The following terms will be applicable whoever download and using the PGClick Photos

  • Do not reupload Photos to other platforms.
  • You can't sell the origianl photos to others.