Monetize your Photos and Earn Money

Photographers now monetize their creative photos in PGClick. Earn money when your photo is being used by other people.
PGClick launches a unique platform for earning money by uploading photos.
So photographers can make money even when their camera is not in their hand... You can calculate your monthly income by the following calculator...

Your Monthly Income will be

Monetization FAQ

What is PGClick?

PGClick is a fastest growing online community for photographers. Here Photographers can create free account and upload their photos and manage their portfolio.

What is Monetization?

Monetization is a process of making money by your photos. Whenever your photo is being viewed or downloaded by some other people, the photgrapher will get a specific money. PGClick allows Photographers to earn money from their Photos.

How to Earn Money from PGClick?

Photographer must create free account in PGClick. And the Photographer has to upload his/her own captured creative and quality photos in PGClick.

Every photos will be reviewed and approved by PGClick Team. To get approval of your photos you must comply with our Terms and Conditions

Once your profile reaches the eligiblity for monetization, you can apply for monetization in your dashboard.

What are the eligiblities?

Photographer should be from India...

Photographer must have at least 10 photos in his/her profile...

Total views of your all photos should be more than 1000...

Photographer must have updated profile with verifed Email ID...

How much can I Earn?

Earn 1 Rupee for every uploads of a Photo...

Earn 1 Rupee for 10 valid download of your photos...

Earn 1 Rupee for 100 valid views of your photos...

What is Valid View and Valid Download?

You will not get income for all downloads and views. Only unique hits will be considered as a Valid Views and Valid Downloads.

For example If your photo gets continuous and lot of views form same PC / Laptops / Mobile Device then it will be considered as a Single View Only.

And also you will not get money for viewing and downloading of your own photos..

How to get more valid Views and Downloads?

You have to promote your photos and profile link through social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc...

Spread your photos link to your friends circle who loves your photgraphy. By this way you can get more views and downloads and also more income.

Can I get income for my already uploaded photos and its views?

No.. You can't get income for your already uploaded photos and views. Your earnings count will start after getting approval of your monetization request.

Is there any limits in Earnings?

No!... There is no Limit for your earnings. Photographer income will be based on usage of photos. Usually Good photos will get good repuation. So your income will be based on your photography skills, quality of your photos and your fan base..

How to track my Earnings?

You can watch your earning figures in your dashboard. Every time your photos is being used by others then your earnings figures will be updated. Also you can view the reports for your earnings.

When will I get Payment?

Once your earnings reaches Rs.100/- you can request for payout. We will transfer the payment to your Bank Account within 5 business days.

Can I earn from Watermarked Photos?

No. Photos with watermark will not comes under monetization program.

Will my Earnings be stopped in any situation?

Yes. We will block your account for the following reasons..

viewing same photos for many times to increase the view count.

Asking some one to view and downloading photos regularly.

PGClick has rights to change is eligiblity criteria and other terms and conditions at any time...